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A Community For J-Pop Fans
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J-pop Love was made for J-Pop lovers and fans by a J-Pop lover and fan. I, mmhindelan91 and also crimsonrhapsody are your moderators here at jpop_love. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may e-mail me or crimsonrhapsody anytime at mmhindelan91@hotmail.com (Me) or rhapsodythewise@gmail.com ( crimsonrhapsody ) Make sure to make the subject something we will recognize or your message will be filtered into our junk mail. J-pop Love is a place where members can trade music, videos & music videos, Post magazine and picture scans, Post wallpapers, icons, and other graphics related to J-pop or J-pop artists. As a member, you may also post questions, comments, and concerns about your favorite J-pop artist, post news, and any other thing related to J-pop in general. J-pop Love was established on July 11th, 2005 by Max, mmhindelan91 .

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**Thank you to Helene, limeade for the inspiration to make this community and for all the help and support she has lended along the way. **

"STEP you" is Ayu love x4

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